COLLAGEN is the main structural protein, the basis of connective tissue, on the quality of which depends the condition of all systems of our body.
What is collagen?
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THE FIRST LIVE COLLAGEN is the first bioactive collagen produced from environmentally friendly poultry raw materials. It combines collagen proteins of types I, II, III and is multimeric (12-270 kDa). Thanks to this, it has a complex effect on the human body, activating the processes of healing from the inside and rejuvenation from the outside. The hydrolysate form makes LIVE COLLAGEN highly digestible.
Who is suitable for collagen?
LIVE COLLAGEN bio-complex is useful for the whole family. It rejuvenates and strengthens the health of men and women 25+, improves the quality of life of the older generation, timely supports children in the period of rapid growth, raises the level of energy and immunity in pregnant and nursing women.
For those who care about their health
For those who care about their appearance, beauty, and youth
For people of elegant age who have problems with joints, vessels, and ligaments
For people with weakened health
For athletes and people leading an active lifestyle
Even for pregnant, nursing, and children.
Collagen production in the body
In youth, our body produces collagen in sufficient quantities, ensuring healthy skin, elastic ligaments, and strong bones. However, with age, the amount of collagen in the body decreases, and by the age of 45, it practically stops.
After 45 years
up to 25 years
35 years
Synthesis almost stops.
6 kg per year
3 kg per year
Slow synthesis
Active synthesis
Product strength
The comprehensive effect on the entire body is achieved thanks to collagen peptides of types I, II, and III combined with elastin, macro- and microelements in natural ratios.
Patented nature-identical production technology with no analogues
Effectiveness confirmed by medical practice and years of research
Improved formula with collagen peptides of types I, II, and III, natural elastin, macro- and microelements
Not subjected to high-temperature treatment during production and stays alive
Well assimilated in hydrolysate form
Comprehensive rejuvenation and restoration of the body:
The basis of functional nutrition for beauty, health, and longevity
Healthy joints
Strong ligaments
Elastic blood vessels
Flexible skin
Strong hair and nails
Comparative characteristics of collagen types
Collagen cannot be of plant origin!
There is no plant collagen - it is a marketing ploy!
II type
Joints, cartilage, ligaments
Molecular weight of 300-400 kDa
Additional intake of vitamin C
Dry, capsule, restored from dry
Cheap production
Dietary supplement
(from large horned animals: bull, pig)
I, III type
Skin, hair, nails, vessels
Molecular weight 40 kDa
Less allergenic
Additional intake of vitamin C required
Dry, capsule, reconstituted from dry
Expensive production
Dietary supplement
(from different types of fish)
Marine or fish
I,II,III type
Joints, cartilage, ligaments, vessels, internal organs, skin, hair, nails
Heteromolecular 12-270 kDa
Does not require additional intake of vitamin C
Expensive production
Food product
(from chicken collagen-containing raw materials)
The truth about collagen
Here are the answers to the main questions about collagen, as well as scientific articles and global research.
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